The Belmont United Way

The Belmont United Way is the defining philosophy of the Belmont United Soccer Club and describes the club’s values and approach to youth club soccer. It is a commitment to high-level, competitive play that strives towards growth and continual improvement of individual players and teams as a whole. The Belmont United Way defines BUSC’s belief that competitive play and playing with integrity are not  mutually exclusive. #belmontunitedway

Respect for the Process

Parents and players respect coaches’ knowledge and expertise. They value coaching decisions as ones that are most likely to foster positive growth and long-term success for both player and team.

Parents and players make attending practices and games a priority. They recognize that growth and learning occur in many formats and venues.

Parent and coaches value player and team development over winning. Both actively work to communicate this value to their players. Effort, being a supportive teammate, and a positive attitude are valued as much as scoring a goal, providing an assist, making a crucial defensive play, or producing a great save. Winning is celebrated, but playing well is the ultimate goal.

Players are challenged by their coaches and parents to be the best players and team members they can be. Players are not pushed, coerced, or bribed for playing or training. The goal is to foster players’ natural joy and to create lifelong players and fans of the game.

Respect for the Community

Players are respectful and supportive of each other. They respond to mistakes in positive and encouraging ways. Players do not belittle or taunt players on their own team, other BUSC teams, or opponents’ teams.

Players respect their coaches. Players are attentive and follow directions. They demonstrate openness to feedback, both positive and negative, from their coaches. Players are willing to help their team in whatever way they are asked to by their coaches.

Coaches are respectful of their players. They view players as the primary agents in their own soccer development. Coaches listen closely to their players and respond with respect and attention. If coaches have difficult feedback to give, they do so with sensitivity and with respect for the player.

Parents are respectful of other parents, both BUSC parents and parents from opposing teams.

Parents volunteer their time and resources to the club community to help their player’s team and the club thrive.

Respect for the Game

Players are assertive and confident on the field and use their highly developed soccer skills to maximum effect. Players play a clean, honest game and abide by the rules. Players never attempt to cheat or injure another player.

Players prioritize their joy of the game and having fun.

Parents allow coaches to coach during games and do not yell instructions from the sidelines. Parents allow players to make mistakes and trust coaches to turn them into learning opportunities.

Parents and coaches realize that questionable officiating calls are a part of all sports and can be rich learning opportunities for players. Parents, players, and coaches are respectful of referees officiating games. They do not yell at referees, protest calls, or express negative opinions of referees.