District II Cup Soccer Tournament - Fall 2017
Nov 4th-5th: District II Cup U8-U11
Nov 11-12th: District II Cup U12-U13

Getting ready for the DII fall cup? This page has the information you need, including links to schedule, field maps, guidelines for players, and information about the Twin Creeks Sports Complex. Be sure to check Belmont United's Facebook page for tournament updates and the D2 Cup Belmont United Game Schedule.

To access all games for the DII tournament, click this Fall 2017 game schedule link.  Select 'Full Schedule' for an age group, or 'Schedule' for a specific playing level.  For a field map of the Twin Creeks Sports Complex, click this Twin Creeks Field map link.  All teams will play three games and depending on results, will play a 4th game on Sunday. Enjoy the tournament!

Twin Creeks Sports Complex Details

Park Entry:  Twin Creeks charges a $6 per person gate fee - The only folks that do not pay the gate fee are players (in uniform), 2 team officials and children 11 and under.  There is a special gate for players and team officials.  They will have a list of all the teams with 2 spaces to write in the team official names. You will get a handstamp and a ticket for Sunday entry.  Do NOT lose that ticket!  Sunday, you will turn in the ticket for a handstamp.  Or you can give the ticket to someone else.  As soon as both team official slots are filled on Saturday, all others will pay.  No exceptions.  They will not let you in to pick up a child, use the restroom, look for a lost item, etc.  They do honor in/out privileges, per day, with a hand stamp.

Outside food is NOT allowed.  Only exceptions are coffee/tea, water and fruits.  They have a full restaurant with affordable options and quite a few extra food vendors.  Here is a link to the Park Policies.

There is NO pre-tournament check-in.  One team official needs to confirm the roster before the 1st game.  That is it!  I'll send those instructions again in a separate email.

Easy ups and umbrellas are allowed.  But you may NOT spike them into the turf.

Park Exits - When exiting Twin Creeks, we strongly recommend that you turn right onto Caribbean.  Turning left could be a nightmare if there are pedestrians crossing Caribbean.  Those that were there in the Spring know what I mean.  The TC management has worked with the City to change the timing of the light, but if pedestrians are pushing the cross-walk button, the line to turn left could get pretty long.

Twin Creek Park Policies

Parking: Parking is free. There are enough spaces and they have fixed the traffic light so exiting the complex is much easier than in the Spring.  My recommendation - if you are playing on the right side of the complex, park on the right.  If you are playing on the left, park on the left.  See map link above.  There will be a pay gate near both lots.  Coaches and players will need to enter thru the gate at the center (closest to the lot on the left).  Look at the map - it will make sense.

Parking - Due the rain, the dirt lot may be closed.  If so, there is parking at Baylands Park next door (paid parking) or you may park across the street in the business park.

Dogs:  Dogs are NOT allowed at the complex. PLEASE tell your families. Every tournament we have to ask families to take their dogs out of the complex. Also NO smoking or alcohol.
Participation Pins: Don't forget to pick up your DII Cup participation pins from your manager over the weekend.
DII Cup Guidelines: The link to the rules for the tournament for Fall 2017: CYSA District II Fall Cup Rules
Good luck to all in the tournament!

Tournament Guidelines for Parents & Players

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Hydration and nutrition guide

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