Belmont United Soccer Academy
Belmont United Soccer Club's year-round youth soccer academies are open to children 5 to 10 years old looking to develop their skills and to prepare for competitive soccer. The programs are led by our Director of Coaching supported by professional coaches from the club. 

Through our academy program, children develop a wide range of fundamental soccer skills including dribbling, passing and shooting. Learning is achieved through fun, exciting and motivating games and exercises, all participants will gain confidence, a positive self-esteem, increased motor skills and increased ball familiarity.



Registration options available:
1) 2 Day Academy + Sat games (Wed & Fri & Sat) $220
2) 1 Day Academy + Sat games (Wed or Fri & Sat) $155
3)  1 or 2 Day Academy (Wed and/or Fri) $115 or $180
4) Sat games only (small-sided in-house games) $65

Rolling registration throughout with pro-rated fees.

Session 1 of 2018 will start on Wednesday 17th January from 4-515pm Friday's session is 4-515pm with Saturday games from 10-11am. Sessions will take place at Redwood Shores at either Marlin Park or Redwood Shores Elementary School. Register Now

Session 1
January 17 - Mar 10

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Session 2
March 21 - April 29 



Session 3
May 10 - June 17


Session 4
August 29 - October 6



Session 5
October 17 - December 8