Frequently Asked Questions

What is “competitive” Soccer?  Belmont United Soccer Club (BUSC) plays “competitive” soccer under the Redwood League registration umbrella. Our teams play in both CalNorth/CYSA and NorCal organized leagues.  Our club is based on a player development model, we aim to provide an individual player a nurturing environment to learn the game and develop their skills. We offer one to three teams at each age group (boys and girls).  We recognize that winning is important to young players but not at the expense of their development.  We believe that ‘technique is freedom’ i.e. that a good technical skill base will allow a player the freedom to play soccer at a competitive level for as long as they desire.

Up to and including the U13 age group players are guaranteed a minimum of 50% playing time over the course of a season. U14 players and above earn their playing time based on their attendance, work ethic, ability and focus.

How is “Club” soccer different from AYSO soccer?  Club soccer tends to be more competitive and selective than AYSO.  Club teams play opponents of comparable skill and experience from other Bay Area cities as scheduled by their league.  Our club coaches are professional and highly trained.  Parent volunteers make up the board members and team manager’s/administrators and are essential to the successful running of both the club and individual teams.

When is the season?  Most teams participate in two playing league seasons (spring and fall).  During each season we typically play 1 game a weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Some weekend’s a team may have no games or a game on both days.  Most teams play 1 tournament each season (entrance fee paid for by the club). Tournaments generally consist of 3-4 games over a weekend at a single location.

     Spring season runs from the end of February to mid-June and includes two practices a week and 8-10 league games.
     Fall season runs from the end of August to mid-November and includes two practices and 8-10 league games.

In the winter and summer, Belmont United Soccer Club offers training programs and camps for BUSC players (added cost).

What is the practice schedule?  Practices are held twice a week on weekday afternoons in Belmont and Redwood Shores (generally Tuesday / Thursday or Wednesday / Friday).  Most teams are scheduled from 4-5:30pm or 5:30-7pm.  In the fall, due to daylight savings, some practices may begin at 345pm and finish as late as 8pm (mainly teams U12 and older).  Some high school-aged teams move up to 3 practices a week based on their level of competition and field availability. Click on the following link to see the current schedule: Belmont United Practice Schedule

How far do we travel?  Home games are mainly played in Belmont and Redwood Shores.  Most games are played in the Bay Area in nearby cities (SF to Morgan Hill).

What are the costs?  The cost for the season is $550. This includes all league registration fees, coaching fees, entrance to one tournament and an optional skills and goalkeeper clinic on Monday evenings. Club players are responsible for uniforms at an additional cost ($130-$175). A new uniform is not required every season and can last from 2-4 years (dependent on player growth). Each family also contributes to referee fees which are an additional cost (approximately $50-60) per family per season. (Referee fees depend on team size and age group as referee fees increase for older age groups).  Teams can choose to attend additional tournaments on the agreement of all families, manager, coach and the DOC – this is an additional cost to families.

How are teams organized?   At each calendar year age group we may have multiple teams playing at an appropriate level for players' development.  

What types of players do we look for at tryouts?  Our club Director Of Coaching (DOC) and professional coaching staff assess players on 4 areas of the game, technical, tactical, psychological and physical.  Generally we are interested in players that want to play at a more competitive level, are focused, willing to learn and want to improve.

How often are tryouts?  The club hosts open tryouts for new players twice a year for new players at the end of the fall season (mid-November) and midway through the spring season (mid-May).   Players who are invited to play for Belmont United are either added to current teams or new teams are created.  

If my son or daughter “makes a team” are they guaranteed a spot for the following season?  We guarantee any player that makes a Belmont United team a spot on a team in the club the following season unless there is a serious breach of the club’s Code of Conduct.  If a player takes a season off they will be required to tryout again the following season.   

What are the concussion guidelines for the club?  Here is a link to information on Belmont United's BUSC Emergency Action Plan – Concussion Program.  Starting in the Spring 2016 there are new rules and regulations in regards to heading the ball during games and practices. Please see links to NorCal and CalNorth for their respective protocols as they differ.

Why is the field size changing for younger players?   Read this article on CCSL Spring 2016 Season Small Sided Games about changing field size for younger players.